Monday, April 15, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

Here are a few random things that have been going on around here. Otherwise known as "what I found lurking in the iPhone photos."

* About three weeks ago, during a ferocious rainstorm, our overhang (I don't really know what it's called) out by the pool collapsed. We've filed a claim with our insurance company and have been trying to get it repaired/replaced. It's been a real hassle because insurance only wants to replace that section but the whole thing is apparently about 25 years old and so it can't really be I said, it's been a real hassle...but hopefully will get resolved this week. 

* The Boy has been determined to make Jack and Buddy become BFF's. Buddy is willing but Jack (the big scaredy-cat. Literally) isn't really that into Buddy.

Jack's a lover not a fighter. 

Actually, Jack's just a giant slug.

* The Boy has also been busy going to grad bash last weekend, fishing, and...doing headstands in his sister's bedroom?

* The Princess has been tweeting up a storm, which is quite amusing. I learn all about the morning carpool ride via twitter and about the goings-on at her artsy school. She tweets about silly things like the boy in her science class who wore a moose hat to school...

Or the girl in her English class wearing a unicorn head...

Or the kid who randomly started singing opera in class one day.

I also find out that she experiments with new hairstyles whilst at school....

And I find photos of her before dance concerts (which is handy, since I'm never allowed to take photos!)

* And finally, I am happy to report that over the weekend we made a decision about college for The Boy...

The (first) check has been written and sent off. The Boy is now officially registered for fall semester.

And Mommie Dearest is now officially freaking out.


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