Sunday, May 30, 2010

The one where Lucy discovers lizards

This afternoon was spent by the pool again.  Here is a brief synopsis of our day:
Clay and Lucy raced for the ball.

Lucy won.
Paige Jaws was in the pool.

Lucy saw a lizard.
She was fascinated.

She jumped after her ball...

...then she stared at the lizard some more.

Paige read her book...

...and Lucy watched the lizard.

Clay caught the frisbee...that he threw to himself.

Lucy watched the lizard.

Paige tried to finish her book...

Clay managed to distract Lucy from the lizard... throwing the ball....

...and giving her some hugs...

But then she saw that ol' lizard again!

Paige suggested a contest.

"Let's see who can float on their back the longest.  Whoever can, is the FAVORITE CHILD!"

Ahhh.  So that's how it works.

"If I were an octopus, my hair could be like my ink..."


Then Paige jumped in the pool...

...and tried to distract Lucy from the lizard...

Lucy wasn't falling for it.
She was all about the lizards today.

I watched.

It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

I love you, You love me, We're a happy family....

Yesterday was a busy day, and so in the afternoon the family congregated to the pool for a little R&R.  
The kids spent a bit of time bouncing up and down and making "waves"
They jumped...
...and jumped...

...and jumped some more...
(Please notice Lucy in the background patiently waiting for someone to throw her ball)

Today they WANTED the paparazzi to take pictures!

Now look who's jumping!

Tim got dumped in the water...

Then Paige got dumped in the water...

And then Clay got dumped in the water.

I did not get dumped in the water.
I stayed by the side of the pool taking photos.

Aren't I wise?

We had grilled salmon and corn on the cob for dinner.  We had leftover key lime pie for dessert.
And then we definitely watched Rainman.

It was a good day.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fiddle Dee Dee....

A couple of years ago, we watched Gone With the Wind with the kids.  They both loved the movie, but Paige was fascinated by Scarlett O'Hara and her amazing ability to raise one eyebrow.
She couldn't stop talking about it.

She walked around the house for weeks making funny faces, trying and trying to master the elusive technique.

She spent hours in front of the mirror, contorting her face, trying to get it.

Every day or so she would run out to ask us if she was doing it.  Sadly, she never was.

I admit it - we laughed at her.
We teased her.
We made fun of her.

It wasn't very nice of us.

In spite of her non-supportive family, Paige persevered.  She continued her contortions in front of the mirror and eventually she managed to raise one eyebrow in a slightly contemptuous way reminiscent of Katie Scarlett O'Hara.

We were treated to exhibits of her new-found skill constantly.
She was so proud of herself.

This was over a year ago.

Today in the car on the way to rehearsal, completely out of the blue, she said...

"I am SO glad I mastered the art of raising one eyebrow."

"Ummm....well, so am I, honey." 

"LOOK!  LOOK!! LOOK!!!!"

"Paige, I can't - I'm driving right now."

"Well, I think it's a really useful skill."

It is.  It really is.

Not everyone can do it, you know.
It takes great muscle control.
And talent.

Short but sweet

This will be a short post, because I need to finish my coffee and pull the house together for a showing his morning.  Yay!  It's only a realtor previewing it for her clients, never know.

Yesterday while Paige was at ballet, I made a quick trip to Costco.  Now I remember why I rarely go there on Fridays or weekends - that place was a madhouse!!  I quickly grabbed the items I needed and skedaddled out of there as fast as I could!

When I got back to the studio I was able to see Paige's Harlequin costume for Coppelia...

I know it's blurry, but you get the idea.
Cute, huh?

I also got to watch her dance a bit (another reason I LOVE the new studio!)

I was so happy and surprised to see how much better she has gotten in only 3 months!  

On the way home from ballet, we saw a police truck.

Yes.  A Police TRUCK.

(The line in the middle of the photo is the antenna on my van)

I have never seen a police truck before.  Have you?  Is this a phenomenon unique to the south?  Paige and I giggled and giggled over the truck.  It just tickled our funny bones!

Tim's birthday "feast" last night consisted of Ming Moon and instead of Birthday cake, he had key lime pie.  It was different...but yummy nonetheless!

Now, I am going to go whip my house into shape.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Tim!

____ years ago today an adorable little boy was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He was the youngest child and, perhaps, just a teeny-tiny, wee bit spoiled.

He was known as "Bola".
He was awfully cute!

He fell in love with flying.

Then he fell in love with me!

The man I married is kind, loving and generous.

He is funny.

He is a wonderful father...

...who gives piggy back rides, goes fishing with his son, plays soccer and frisbee golf, teaches his kids how to ski, plays roadkill Barbie with his his daughter...

and even does ballet with her!!

He is hardworking and such a good role model for the kids.

But he likes to play too!

And he even loves animals.

Tim is terrific.
He is awesome.
He is amazing!

AND he is ____ years old today!!

Happy Birthday, honey...I love you!

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