Monday, July 30, 2012

Getaway with the Girls

The girls and I took off for a few days at the beach last week. We wanted to show Roxane the Gulf of Mexico while she was here. We had a lovely and relaxing few days, although I have to admit that I am thoroughly tired of driving. I've done way too much driving this summer!

We floated in the delightful 85 degree surf, soaked up the sun, and built sandcastles (one is never too old for that!)

We enjoyed the wildlife, ate delicious food, watched the Olympics, and enjoyed sunset on the beach.

(The girls are looking at the lady behind them...who was walking on the beach in her Hello Kitty pajamas!)

It was a delightful few days and we thoroughly enjoyed our get-away. Today, back home, it is stormy and gloomy, so we are taking a day off and doing absolutely nothing. It's our final week with Roxane and the countdown is on for school to start back in a couple of weeks - so we're trying to pack as much into these last few days of summer as possible!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Samedi, Dimanche, et aujourd'hui

Friday afternoon The Princess and I headed out to the airport to await the arrival of Roxane, the French exchange student who will be our guest for the next two weeks. While we were waiting for her plane to arrive, we were accosted by a giant, remote controlled shark..

Which was a lot funnier than it appears in these photos. We giggled as we watched it roaming around, surprising unsuspecting travelers guzzling their Starbucks.

Once we saw that Roxane's flight had arrived, we waited for her with a slightly glittery sign that The Princess made (so that she would know who we were!)

And then, voila! Roxane was here!

Seriously, isn't this photo funny? The Princess looks so...wholesome and all American and Roxane is the epitome of French elegance. She has that je ne sais quoi, n'est pas?

Right. Anyway...

Roxane and The Princess have spent the past couple of days getting to know each other. They've discovered that they both love to swim...

(FYI: In case you were wondering, so does Lucy!)

They've also discovered that they both love tubing and boating...

The Boy has been a super good sport, and a pretty awesome big brother, by taking them out in the boat and pulling them patiently around all afternoon.

After a couple of wipeouts...

And some swim races...

in which Lucy demonstrated her superiority (as long as there was a ball to chase, anyway)...

The girls realized that they both love to read as well. 

The past couple of days have been filled with sun, water, ice cream, watermelon, balls, floats, tubes, boats, skis, hamburgers, giggling (the international language of teenage girls, I think), photos (c'est moi), a French-English dictionary, and a lot of fun.

Thus far, I think our efforts at improving international relations have been a rousing success!

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