Saturday, November 19, 2011


* I am extremely annoyed with myself for waking up at 6:18 AM this morning even though I could have (SHOULD HAVE) slept late. 

* Even though I am wide awake and sipping my coffee, the kids are still slumbering peacefully and our myriad assortment of furred and feathered friends are also being quiet (for a change). It's nice. I could get used to this peaceful solitude. Why does it never, ever, ever last?

* The past week or so has been challenging. For a variety of reasons, which I can't really go into in any detail, it's just been very challenging. Hence, the entire family is chafing at the bit to get to the beach for our "anti-Thanksgiving." Today we will clean the house and pack our bags and stock up on pet food for our house/pet sitter (thanks, Rebecca!) and dream about the sun and the sand.

* I've also been working on a project which I discovered on Pinterest. If it works out, I hope to do a couple of others for the grandmothers' Christmas presents. (ssshh!!) I'm really excited about it though - I hope it turns out the way I want it to.

* I've also been trying to get a bit of Christmas shopping done the past few days, which is nice since I hadn't actually done ANY previously!!

* I remembered at the last minute that I never registered The Boy to take the ACT exam in December. When I say at the last minute, I mean, really at THE LAST MINUTE. As in, I had to pay a late fee and it was the next to last day of late registration. Good grief. What's happened to me? I used to be so organized. 

* I just looked outside and realized that I still have a decorative Halloween flag beside our driveway and little jack-o-lantern stakes in the yard. Huh. I should probably get those up before December, right? You think? Seriously, I need to get more organized.

* I really have nothing else to say. The "challenges" I spoke of have pretty much been sucking the life out of us. Don't worry - it's nothing to do with us, specifically. Just little peripheral things. It's like getting little paper cuts all day long, every day, for a couple of weeks. We're all just really ready to get to the beach and away from paper/drama for a few days!

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