Sunday, November 25, 2012

Too Much Sugar for a Nickel. Indeed.

Wow! What happened to the month of November? How can it possibly already be the end of the month (and almost Christmas!)? 

Well, time does seem to go faster when you are busy...and we have certainly been busy this month.

We've had lots of projects going on around the house - from the unplanned (a plumbing leak in The Princess's bathroom, which flooded her bedroom carpet) to the planned (cleaning and organizing drawers and closets). We are hoping to try to sell the house again in the spring and the unplanned plumbing emergency forced us to move up some of our planned projects on the house - such as re-carpeting and painting The Princess's bedroom. And since her bedroom was already torn apart, she decided to repaint her furniture as well.

In the midst of all of our house projects, Mr. Wonderful and I made an unexpected 24 hour trip down to clean and pack up my mother-in-law's condo in South Florida which was just sold. 

We've also been busy harvesting lemons. Our lemon tree is practically falling over with the overabundance of lemons we've been graced with this year. I've been frantically searching on Pinterest for all lemon recipes - we've been eating lemon pasta, lemon chicken and salads with lemon vinaigrette. 

This is the point where I WOULD normally insert a photo or three of the aforementioned lemon tree literally dripping with lemons and of the elf labor (aka the kids) picking the lemons. I would also normally insert a photo of The Boy's first college acceptance letter and of The Princess painting her furniture and of our Thanksgiving feast.


Stupid Blogger or stupid Google has done it again. Apparently, I have once again gone over my alloted photo space and I cannot use any more photos unless I pay. Which I was going to do, grudgingly. Except that I can no longer just pay a flat fee like I did before. Now Blogger/Google wants me to pay monthly. As in, my credit card will be charged every single month until the end of time for the dubious honor of being allowed to post my own photos on my own blog. 

Well, I've been planing for a while to switch the blog over to Wordpress - I set everything up a couple of months ago while I was sick in bed - I even came up with a new name for the blog. I wrote everything down in a notebook - my username and passwords and a new email address to correspond to the new blog.

And now? Guess what? I've lost my notebook with the new username and password. Somehow, in the midst of all my organizing (stop laughing!) and cleaning and whatnot, I've misplaced it.

And so now I'm incredibly annoyed and frustrated. The PMS isn't helping, either. So, for today, I am giving up. But not for long...tomorrow I'll be back searching for all of my information so I can make the switch and move on with "Too Much Sugar for a Nickel." (Possible new blog name? Or maybe I'll leave it Mommie Dearest. What do you think?) 

I'll keep y'all posted and let you know when I get things back on track. 

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