Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Blog is Half-Empty. Or Half-Full.

It's been rather quiet around here lately. I've been busy trying to get caught up on stuff and trying to ignore the disgusting mess that my house is. I keep thinking that eventually someone else besides me will decide that the dustballs and pet hair tumbleweeds the size of Kansas are so awful that they will take care of them for me. Thus far, my devious plan is not working. I suspect that I will cave before anyone else in this house even notices.

The kids have been busy with school and dance and college application type stuff and have been hanging with their BFFs ad Mr. Wonderful has been working a lot...

The weather here has been fabulous. We had a bit of a cool down - the high temperatures have been in the mid-70's and it has been delightful. I've had the windows open and have been enjoying the sounds of all the birds (there have been tons of birds hanging around lately!), especially the eagles - who really seem to be enjoying the cool, breezy weather!

In other news, I am SO excited about a couple of movies coming out soon. I don't usually get excited about movies - we usually just wait for them to come out in video. But...

I am really excited to see The Hobbit. And if the trailer isn't quite enough to enthuse Tolkien fans, how about this safety briefing from Air New Zealand?

How cool is that?

But I am really, really, really super excited about a movie coming out Christmas Day. I'm not usually a fan of this type of thing, but because I am a humongous Les Miserables geek, having seen it umpteen times, this one caught my attention...

Seriously. I can't wait.

Can. Not. Wait.

And finally, today is a sad day for our family and our community. It is a day for remembering two very special people whom we were lucky enough to know and love. Three years ago today, Kevin and Katie Whitelaw became angels. 

Kevin and Katie, we love you and we miss you. 

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