Thursday, April 11, 2013

Final College Tour

Today was the final college tour. Apparently, we saved the best for last. This was definitely my favorite. The campus was beautiful, everyone we met (from an admissions director and financial aid advisor to the receptionist, tour guide, and students) was very helpful, friendly and informative.

And did I mention that the campus was beautiful?

As we were walking along, however, I wasn't watching where I was going and my foot hit the edge of the sidewalk, my ankle twisted underneath me, and I went sprawling. It wasn't graceful. It was witnessed by everyone. I tore my pants and skinned my knee and have a huge bruise on my leg.

I have an even bigger bruise on my ego.

That was embarrassing. Really embarrassing.

So now, obviously, The Boy can't go to that school!

Just kidding. 

I actually really, really, really liked the school a lot.
It's probably my favorite.

But sadly we are not independently wealthy and cost is a huge concern and so it's not quite so simple.

We have lists. Lists of costs, pros and cons of the different schools, whether The Boy would be able to get a part time job without having a car on campus, and so many other factors.

The Boy knows where he wants to go.

We know where we want him to go.

Now we just have to sit down and crunch numbers and compare all the different factors on all our different lists and see if we can make it work.

There are times when I feel completely overwhelmed. There are times when I feel incredibly guilty that we are not financially able to just write a check and send him to his dream school.

And I must admit that there are times, such as when he gets a bit mouthy and disrespectful and acts like he knows everything and thinks his parents are old stick in the muds who don't know anything, when I feel like telling him to just go to the community college down the street and figure out how to pay for it himself. 

Right now I just feel tired. And stressed. And my leg (and my ego) really hurt.

I had to sneak these pictures of The Boy because anytime I try to take a photo of him he scowls and me and says in that annoying, long-suffering (HA!) teenage martyr-ish voice, "Mooommm!" 

But anyway.

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