Sunday, November 2, 2008

More from Clay and Paige

Paige: I went trick or treating with my friend Sarah. I was a Dutch girl, she was a boxer. We went around her neighborhood in a golf cart, because her little brothers got tired. It was fun. Everybody gave us more candy because we were with her little brothers (twins). One of them was an army guy, the other was a power ranger. They were cute. Today I have rehearsal for Fairest & Nutcracker. Also I have a costume fitting. I get to see what color dress I will wear for Nutcracker.

Clay: Go Obama! I did not go trick or treating this year. I stayed home and partied with my wonderful mother. It was a lot of fun. Our first soccer game is November 12th. I will be playing for the middle school team and also for the JV team. I might, maybe, kinda-sorta, perhaps be a sub for Varsity! Obviously, I don't know yet.

Paige: Mom made awesome Halloween snacks for us. The eggs (eyeballs) were the best, the "fingers" were REALLY realistic looking! Mom had a vicious gorilla mask on. It was hard to see out of though. Clay was Clay. That is a costume all by itself. Ha ha. All the girls like my brother - it's kind of creepy. 6th, 7th, 8th, and even some 9th graders like my brother. I don't know why. He acts all nice to me whenever other girls are around, but at home he is still grumpy and mean. Every time I see him at school there are a million girls around him. Weird!

Clay: My mother insists on having a "professional" cut my hair, when she could do the same thing for a lot cheaper...hint, hint, wink, wink... The reason all the girls like me is because I am amazing. Isn't it obvious? JK. Ha ha.
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