Saturday, November 8, 2008

A few words from Paige and Clay:

PAIGE: I am Snow White tonight. The technical rehearsal is this afternoon starting at 1:30 but they don't know if there will be enough time to go home so I might have to be there all day. The performance is at 7:30 pm but my call ( that is when I have to be at the theater) is 5:30. I am going to take a good book with me! I also have to bring something to eat in case there is not time to go out. It is funny because usually when there is a performance at the theater they are really strict about no food!

CLAY: I am the best. My room is almost clean. Maybe Mom and I can go somewhere today. That would be fun. Paige has a ballet thingamajigger tonight. Oh joy. I hope it is like the Nutcracker, because I liked that last year. I am looking forward to next week because in History we are going into the World Wars. I love that era.
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