Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good News, Bad News.....

So, the good news this morning was that someone wanted to look at our house...the bad news was that because the market has been dead the past couple of months, well...I haven't been keeping up with keeping the house ready to show. Plus, we just returned from Michigan and still had suitcases in various states of unpacking, laundry piles, etc. I was in pure "Mommy dearest" mode this morning - a whirling dervish shreiking, yelling, cussing...everything BUT yelling, "no wire hangers!" AND, still had to run Paige downtown to rehearsal during this time frame. I was a bit stressed! Anyway, we got it clean (mostly)...I'll admit that those empty suitcases were used to hide a bit of our, ummm....junk. It is so nice when it looks like this - why can't my family keep it looking nice all the time?

It was a bit of a frantic start to my day. Thank goodness we didn't need to be at church today - the kids weren't on the schedule, although I HAD been planning on attending the advent wreath making...oh well, there is always next year! I am ready for my cup of coffee now though!

Tim arrives home tonight and we will get all the Christmas decorations down from the attic and set up...Clay and I pulled down some stuff yesterday. I love how my house looks with all the decorations up.

It is shaping up to be a busy week. I still need to schedule Paige's visit to Nemours, get the cat in to the vet, the kids both have dentist appointments, Clay is in a play at school on Thursday, soccer game Friday, the usual downtown ballet relay, and next weekend begins the final sretch for Nutcracker rehearsals....both Saturday AND Sunday all afternoon until the performance, and hopefully the showing today is indicative of the market beginning to perk up - so more showings!

Good news about our friends in France. Olivier arrived home safely yesterday. I am off to brew a pot of coffee and (finally) read the paper - until I have to head back downtown to pick up Paige.
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