Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama Rocks!

Still here? Ok.....The kids and I got up early this morning and headed downtown to the arena for a Barack Obama rally. It was so cool! The energy from the crowd was much hope. The kids loved it. I was a bit worried about the crowds - there were literally thousands and thousands of people...but everyone was polite and respectful and well-behaved. I didn't hear any negative comments which was another worry. Everyone was upbeat and positive. Barack Obama is an amazing speaker - he makes you feel as though he were speaking just to you, yet really gets the crowd going at the same time. I think the kids learned a lot about him and his message. It was also good for them to see just how many people LIKE Obama. Orange Park is quite insulated - heavily Republican - the kids have been given a bit of a hard time from some of the other children who have seen my "Soccer mom for Obama" bumper sticker - they have handled it well, but it was good for them to see that Mom and Dad are not alone and have good reasons for voting for him. I am trying to teach them to learn about the issues and why they are important and how they affect us. Anyway, it was wonderful, exhilarating, exciting and hopeful and we LOVED it!

PAIGE: The Obama thing was really cool. The people in the front row were really lucky - they got to shake hands with Obama. We did the wave - that was fun. They played music before he came and everyone was dancing. SOME were dancing a little too much, if you know what I mean. Two old men had a dance-off. I liked them both. Mr. Obama talked about tax cuts and medicine stuff and education. I liked what he said. He told one story about a lady who attended a rally in Ft. Lauderdale and then after that she sent an email to Obama saying her son was sick (I forget with what) and her insurance wouldn't pay for what he needed and they couldn't afford it. Her email said when the campaign is negative or you feel like you can't talk any more - think of us, and keep going because we need you. That story made me sad. Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes........

CLAY: I liked hearing the comments from the crowd. I also liked how he was funny and made his point also. Everyone was nice and energetic and excited. It made me feel filled up with energy too. It was cool to see the Secret Service agents. I liked chanting Obama! Obama! He is so dignified, but he also looks like someone you could run into at Publix. Everyone was dancing, and we did the wave. Two old men had a dance off - that was fun. I hope he wins.
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