Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April showers...........

Today is a dark, dreary, rainy day - lots of thunder and lightning last night and a 90% chance of rain - ALL DAY today. Blech. Oh well, it is good for the plants, right? By the way, in the photo above - all the brown stuff on the ground is that nasty oak pollen which has been making my life miserable for the past week or so. I really hope this rain washes it all away!!! I WAS going to take a picture of Clay's room to show you all how cute it looks, but someone didn't clean his room very well this morning. Guess what someone will be doing the minute he walks into the house this afternoon......?!

So....Tim wanted me to write this big, elaborate April Fool's blog today.....about Clay getting arrested, Paige getting a tattoo, me being pregnant...etc. etc. I explained to him that the idea behind April Fool's is that you actually have to fool people - i.e. make it believable, but he wasn't buying it. So...if he asks, just tell him I wrote about it (technically, I DID!) and that it was a GREAT prank. Ha ha...snicker, snicker.

No big plans for today....Tim left for work this morning, Paige has a private lesson today at ballet.....other than that, just the usual - cleaning, the never-ending laundry, and working on more school stuff trying to plan for next year!
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