Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clay & Paige:

PAIGE: My History teacher pulled an April Fool's joke on us yesterday. Every day we have a "quickie quiz" on what we read the night before. Yesterday he gave us really, really hard "what was the first sentence on page 411?" and "what is your aunt's middle name?" It was pretty funny (after he told us it wasn't really going to count as a grade!) BUT, I did get 100% on the real one! Spring Break was fun. We went to the beach and got to visit Gramma. I got sunburned. It was really fun, though! No ballet this week because the studio is closed for spring break, but I did have a private lesson on Tuesday and yesterday.

CLAY: Hi. For Spring Break we went to St. Pete. We went to the beach and I went wade-fishing in the bay with my friend Mr. Joe. School is going well. I can't wait for the weekend though. Only a couple more weeks until my Taekwondo competition! :-)
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