Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, it looks like there may be some changes on the horizon for the Van Kuiken family.....we are still dealing with the whole school dilemma. Clay has been accepted into the Academy of Finance at Fleming Island High School, which is where he wants to go. It looks likely that that is where he will be next year, but no decisions have really been made yet. However, while he has been accepted, it is not the school that he is zoned for...so we have to fill out a form, have the school he is zoned for sign off, then have the FIHS sign off, then have the school board sign off. In addition, we need to start picking his classes and having his current teachers recommend certain (honors?) classes for him. Yikes. This is all beginning to feel a bit overwhelming. I mentioned the Academy of Finance.....Clay decided he wanted to apply to that one rather than the one that I THOUGHT he would pick, the Academy of Television (or something like that!). His reason? He wanted to learn how to make a lot of money. Ha ha. Poor kid - I think the he may be under the impression that it will be like the Gordon Gecko School of Finance. Actually, they will take a regular course load, and then take one class per year. In 9th grade it is Introduction to Technology. Tim and I will be happy if he just learns how to balance a checkbook!!

As for Paige, she is zoned (and will likely be going to) for Lakeside Junior High. However, I must say that so far I am a bit underwhelmed by the helpfulness of that school. I have heard that the public school 6th graders are choosing their classes for next year now, so I called the school to see what I need to do to get Paige tested for the gifted program and to choose her classes. The guidance counselor I spoke to was, hmmm.....well, just no other way to say it but a BITCH! Seriously. She was snide and condescending and acted like she was doing me a huge favor just speaking to me! The bottom line is that she said we cannot choose classes for her until sometime this summer and that she may not get her choice of elective. Now, I need to explain that their choices for electives are pathetic. Mostly just band and chorus stuff, etc. There is an Art class, which Paige would love...but that is about it. There are no study halls, no drama, no dance, no language. Aargh. Anyway, it is a very frustrating experience. Tim and I are going to call the school today and try to speak to the principal or vice principal and see if we can get anywhere! Also, we are thinking about switching dance studios for Paige next year. The drive is just too much 4 days a week, and there is noone to help......So in addition to looking into all the school stuff, I am also researching dance schools. She needs someplace with good, classical training - which, believe it or not, is REALLY hard to find!

Finally, this weekend is Clay's state Taekwondo competition. He is so excited he can hardly stand it!
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