Monday, January 2, 2012

Happiness is...

Happiness is a houseful of teenagers.
Happiness is having teenagers that like having their friends hang out at their house...with their parents around.

Happiness is cooking dinner while 6 teenagers sit around on the barstools and talk to you...and eat.

Happiness is knowing that your children have wonderful, life-long friends who feel comfortable enough in your house to just get up from the dinner table, walk into the kitchen and get themselves something to drink. 

Happiness is children who make good choices - in their friendships and in life...whose biggest vice is being addicted to fishing.

Happiness is knowing your teenager's friends and having them ask to be your friend on Facebook and Pinterest.

Happiness is when your teenagers and their friends don't mind being blog fodder. Extreme happiness is when they ASK if they can be on the blog.

Happiness is being a mom to these kids.

Most of the time.

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