Friday, January 13, 2012

The one about a sunrise and more otter nonsense

It s a cool, crisp, beautiful morning. The sunrise was beautiful.
But it's COLD!

For Florida, this is really cold! And tonight it will be below freezing. I stood outside trying to take photos but my fingers and toes were frozen and I was shivering.

I persevered, however.

The birds were all waking up and calling to each other (probably complaining about how cold it is) and flying overhead (probably trying to warm themselves up!)

As I reveled in the glorious, albeit chilly, morning...

I spied something in the water.

Do you see it?

Several months ago The Boy spied a family of otters frolicking by our dock early one morning. For weeks months I woke up early and tiptoed outside at the crack of dawn, hoping to see the otters. I never did. They were playing hard to get, I guess.

And then this morning...

I saw this little guy.

I began jumping up and down (partly in excitement and partly in an attempt to warm myself up) and I must have frightened the cute little fellow because he swam away.

But I saw him - and my poor, frozen fingers managed to take a couple of photos before he swam away.

I drank in the peace and tranquility of the morning, feeling the excitement of the gift of a new day.

Or maybe that was just my shivering.

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