Thursday, January 26, 2012

Making a post out of nothing at all...

* Is it January? Really? Because it feels like May here. It's been really warm and the redbuds and azaleas are starting to bloom because they think it's spring. We've had all our windows open and have been enjoying the lovely weather. I'm not complaining - it's been really nice. It just doesn't feel like January at all!
81 degrees!

* I hear so much about Instagram...everyone seems to use it and everyone seems to love it. I decided to load it on my phone and give it a try (see above photo). At the risk of being attacked by insulted Instagram fans, I've got to tell you - I don't love it. I'm sorry. I just don't get why you would want to make photos taken with nice, new cameras and all the technology available today look like old, faded, foggy photos. 

* But wait! I did discover a fun photography app which I have been playing with constantly (Thanks, June!) It's called OldBooth and you can put faces of people onto old photos...

Like this...

And this...(hee!!!)

Mr. Wonder-fro.

Or this...(HA!!)

The Geek

Ha Ha Ha!

The Perm-cess.

I love this app.

It's just so doggone entertaining.

No, I didn't play with any photos of myself
What fun would THAT be?

* I went to the dentist yesterday and my chipped tooth is all repaired. Hooray!

* I also started tweeting about the realtor that stood me up the other day. The corporate office of the real estate company contacted me and shortly afterwards the realtor also contacted me to explain that, coincidentally, she had JUST received my messages yesterday morning. Right after the corporate offices contacted her is apparently when she received my messages. Anyway, she apologized and blah de blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. 

* Tonight is the first night of The Princess's dance concert. 

* This is my 983rd post on this blog. Almost 1000! Should I do something to celebrate that milestone? Suggestions, anyone?

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