Monday, January 16, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday: A rambling, incoherent cornucopia of nonsense

I was all set to blog this morning but our internet was out. We're in the process of switching from one provider to another. I won't name any names but the old internet provider, whose name simply consists of a few letters, started raising rates. And charging us for all sorts of services which we didn't order. And generally being a royal pain in the butt. So...we switched. And now our internet is kind of a mess and only seems to be working in a particular area of the house. 

Anyway, I was all set to blog but then I couldn't. So I went to Target and refreshed the household's supply of deodorant and shampoo and laundry detergent and then went to the pet store to refresh the household's supply of  dog and cat and bird food. When I came home I realized that I had forgotten what I wanted to say.

So, I'm winging it.

Hmm...I guess I could captivate you with how I'm making a Pinterest inspired dinner this evening. We're having lemon garlic chicken kabobs and a potato casserole and a nice green salad with garlic-herb vinaigrette. (All the recipes are here.)

Ooohhh...I could also mesmerize you with the story of how I'm trying to eat a bit healthier (other than the above mentioned potato casserole) and have been making green smoothies. My friend Theresa got me hooked on these and I love them. They're a bit different every time I make them - depending upon what we have in the house.

This one had spinach, kale, a banana, grapes, pineapple, watermelon, apples and orange juice.

Not surprisingly, the kids turned up their noses at first.

"Ewww...gross! That's disgusting, Mom!"

I insisted that they close their eyes and taste it.

"Hey! This is pretty good!"

Now they're hooked. So is Mr. Wonderful. So am I.
Those ugly green smoothies are really yummy.

This morning I saw an ad for this new show on Fox. My first thought was, "What is Cardinal Wolsey wearing and why is he at Alcatraz?"

Sam Neill was so perfect as Cardinal Wolsey in The's hard for me to accept him as any other character.

Do you ever do that? 

For example, I'm sorry, but I don't care what other television shows or movies Christina Applegate makes - she will always be Kelly Bundy to me.

And George Clooney? 

He'll always be Falconer from Sisters.

James Spader is another one...

At first, no matter what he was in I pictured him as the snobby, obnoxious, good looking jerks he played in Endless Love and Pretty in Pink...

And William Shatner was always, always, always Captain Kirk...

But then, one of my favorite shows of all time changed my perception of them. I no longer think of them as Captain Kirk and the spoiled, preppy, mean guy from the 80's.

Now they will always be Denny Crane and Alan Shore.

BFF's forevermore.

Forgive my rambling. It's the mad cow disease.

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