Monday, June 4, 2012

Paranoia and the princess with too much time on her hands

I have this funny feeling that someone has been playing around with my cell phone...

The Princess says I'm just being paranoid.

I don't know, though...I'm pretty sure that someone has been messing around with my phone.

You know how it is...

Sometimes you just KNOW.

The Princess just says, "Pish."

Of course she also mentioned that she'd "take my cell phone off my hands if I don't want it" so I'm not sure that I trust her opinion.

I even think that someone was playing around with my phone while I was driving the carpool kids home from school!

I don't know - maybe she's right.

Maybe I am just being paranoid.

What do YOU think?

Although this is the same girl who sent this email with this video to me. Because she was "bored" (she was supposed to be writing 
a paper for English).

I'm beginning to think that The Princess has a little too much time on her hands. And also that she should switch from dance to drama!

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