Thursday, June 21, 2012

Road Trip: Michigan

We had planned to take a trip out to Lake Michigan today, but since it was gray and overcast with a 60% chance of rain, we piled into the car...

and headed to this place instead.

I got a bit carried away taking photos of the amazingly gorgeous flowers...

Since the last time we were here was in December, everything looked quite different. Plus, it was a lot warmer!

There were lovely sculptures everywhere, and gorgeous flowers and lovely waterfalls and koi ponds.

My family might, possibly, have begun to get a teeny tiny bit annoyed with the mamarazzi.

But they were pretty good sports about it!

Mr. Wonderful and The Boy were fascinated by the Neuron sculpture and decided to take a closer look and (ahem!) "commune with the big neuron."

It was quite entertaining.

When I saw a hill covered with wildflowers, my creative genius went crazy and I started thinking about Christmas card photos.

I tried to get the kids to climb the hill and pose for me, just as it started raining. The kids were whining about weeds and burrs and snakes and Mr. Wonderful was chortling at their amusing antics while I hissed furiously (trying not to let my MIL hear me), "Would you just try to look HAPPY, dammit?!!"


No one appreciates my artistic genius. I mean, OK, sure we got a tiny bit drenched in the rain...wasn't it worth it?

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