Sunday, July 8, 2012

Night Fishing with The Boy: Later, Gator!

The Boy and a couple of his friends went fishing yesterday. They spent the entire day, and a good portion of the evening, on the dock. They fished through rain, and rainbows, and extreme heat and humidity. 

When they would walk up to the house to get a drink or a snack, we'd say, "WHOOEEE!! Y'all STINK!!"

Because, they did! They smelled like stinky fish guts.


But they were on a roll. They were catching fish and having fun and just being boys. Almost men, but still boys.

And then, last night, while they were night fishing and being eaten alive by mosquitos, they caught something BIG.

Something REALLY big.

I'm not kidding - that sucker was BIG!

I heard the shouting from the dock and wondered what they had caught...I thought maybe it was a large redfish or perhaps a gar...

But when the boys came in, still reeking of fish guts, to show me the cell phone pics, I was amazed.

And not in a good way.

No, not in a good way at all.

The boys woke up early this morning to try to fish some more and guess who was back? And guess who tried to steal their bait again?

And guess who is still hanging out by the dock?

So...wanna take a guess as to who will be calling Fish and Wildlife to report a nuisance gator?


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