Friday, July 20, 2012

This week...

This week has kicked my butt. Tuesday the kids and I headed out to wait in line with a gazillion other people to get tickets to see President Obama when he was in town Thursday. It was hot and humid and we waited, and waited, and waited. The line inched along...very slowly.

The kids were very excited about the opportunity to see President Obama - especially The Boy, who will be voting in his first ever presidential election in November.

Even though it was dreadfully hot, we actually had a fun day. We met some very interesting people while standing in line. Everyone was extremely nice and patient and we had some wonderful conversations with strangers who, after talking and waiting in line together for three hours, became friends.

We did manage to get the tickets and were looking forward to Thursday. 

On Wednesday, The Boy, The Princess, The GF and I drove three hours to visit and tour a college that The Boy is interested in.  Once again, it was very, very hot and very, very humid. We walked all over the campus, feeling as though we were melting the entire time. We thoroughly enjoyed the brief moments when we were able to walk inside a building or dormitory to view it - the air conditioning felt like heaven!

After the tour, we drove around and I reminisced while the kids pretended to listen to me talk about my long ago college days. I found my old dorm, which I'm happy to report has air conditioning now! 

We drove the three hours home and I promptly collapsed. Two days of scorching heat and stifling humidity is draining, y'all.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to see the President yesterday. We all woke up with scratchy throats and stuffy noses and felt awful. So we went back to sleep and rested all day.

Today we feel much better...and in about an hour The Princess and I will be driving to the airport to meet Roxane, who will be spending two weeks with us! 

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