Friday, July 6, 2012

The one about, well, nothing. Nothing at all.

After being on the go every day while we were on our extended road trip, we've been being a bit lazy since we got home. We really haven't done much at all (other than a trip to the beach and the excitement of rescuing the young osprey!)

If you've been reading this blog for while, you know that my kids have a habit of naming every creature that hangs around our house for longer than 5 minutes. We've had everything from Kevin the osprey to Jonathon the seagull, Mac the baby squirrel, Bob the stingray, Stan the gator and Steve the green heron. Some of these fellows have only been temporary guests (the babies which were taken to local wildlife rescue groups) and some show up year after year, like Bob the stingray who hangs out off our bulkhead and tries to steal The Boy's bait every year and Stan the gator whom we try to encourage to move along to another part of the lake. Steve, however, keeps hanging around. Every time one of us, usually The Boy, walks onto the dock - there's Steve.

I believe I've figured out why he keeps hanging around. It seems that there might be a hole in The Boy's cast net and some bait fish might occasionally, accidentally of course, fall out. Right in the vicinity of Steve...

Anyway, that leads right in to what we've been doing all week. Obviously, The Boy has been fishing (and accidentally dropping fish in Steve's direction!)

Mr. Wonderful (with some help from The Boy) has done a bit of yard/repair work from the mess that Tropical Storm Debby left and has been reading and giving The Princess driving lessons. The Princess has, obviously, been practicing her driving skills...when she wasn't busy texting her friends!

And me? I've been playing with my (early) birthday gift from my mom - a new Kindle (which I LOVE - thanks, Mom!)

I'm not usually much of a TV watcher - but I decided to see what all the hubbub was about with Downton Abbey. I began watching Season One and was immediately captivated by the story and the characters and moved on the Season Two. I watched both seasons in about three days and am now bereft that I have to wait for Season Three!

So I decided to check out Mad Men...

And I've also been enjoying a CD of a local band that I found when we were in Asheville last week...

It's been nice, this relaxing laziness we've been indulging in. But...since we've been back for a week now...I think perhaps I should put my new toy away for a while and unpack my suitcase, finally. What do you think?

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