Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smoke, and otters and flopping fish...oh my!

I had plans yesterday. I had planned to work and organize and purge in the morning and then I planned to relax by the pool in the afternoon and pretend that I didn't have a gazillion other things to do.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. In addition to the 100+ heat index, it was smoky outside. There are fires burning in south Georgia and the smoke is drifting down here to northeast Florida.
There was an air quality advisory...and just in case you were wondering, we live right in the middle of the "very unhealthy" range!

Really? Ya' think?

(It was terrible! By the way, those little dark smudges in the photo above are birds.)

So, instead of lounging by the pool and reading a book while procrastinating about the gazillion other things I should be doing, I read my book inside the house and procrastinated about the other gazillion things I should be doing. I like to be consistent.

The Boy has been setting his alarm and waking up early in order to beat the heat and fish for a couple of hours. Yes, this is the same teenage boy who hates waking up early for school and dawdles each morning during the school year. 

Apparently, I should just tell him that he can fish for an hour before school. He'd probably set his alarm for 4:30 AM and do it!

This morning he came running in the house while I was sipping my coffee and contemplating how I could procrastinate cleaning yet again. He grabbed my camera and dashed out. "Hey!", I exclaimed, "What are you doing?" He ran back out the door, shouting excitedly over his shoulder, "OTTERS!"

Huh? Otters?

I shrugged. Teenagers. Who can tell what they're thinking, right?

But he was right! We have otters living in the little creek beside our house. This morning they were frolicking happily in the lake...
They swam and played...

and frolicked around...

Aren't they cute?

And then they went home (to the creek).

Awww! They are so cute.

And then The Boy ran inside with this...
He caught a big ol' flounder.

He was quite proud of himself.

Mr. Flounder, however, was not very happy about being out of the water. He wriggled and wriggled until he slipped out of The Boy's hands and fell on the floor. At which point Mommie Dearest shrieked loudly. The fish flopped around on my bedroom floor while the cats watched intently and The Boy scrambled around after it and I continued screeching, "Get it! Get it! Get it off my floor!!" The Boy chuckled. The cats watched. The Mom shrieked.

Good times.

I guess I'll be mopping the floors today, after all.

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