Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo Op for the Mamarazzi

It's been a busy week what with all the back-to-school-after-spring-break-hoopla and the oh-dear-AP-exams-are-right-around-the-corner-mania and the rehearsals for Giselle and The Princess's freshman solo concert coming up. 

Naturally, my hormones and my brain decided this was a fantastic time for a migraine.

Which was, you know, a LOT of fun. As per usual.

But today I woke up without a migraine and felt fabulous. Which is good, because the many items on my "to do" list were all still there waiting for me. Plus, there was an extra Giselle rehearsal thrown in - right during rush hour traffic - because part of the cast of Giselle will be performing on the local morning news show (WJXT for the locals!) And at this rehearsal, we found out that The Princess has to be at the news station not at 7:00 AM as we were originally told, but at 6:30 AM! 

Six. Freaking. Thirty. A. M.

We'll have to leave the house at 5:45.

Have I mentioned that I am so NOT a morning person? 


The good news is that The Princess has her costume with her...and that means a photo op for the mamarazzi!

The Princess, even though she was tired and cranky from being at school all day and then having a rehearsal and not getting home until 7:30, after leaving the house this morning at 6:45, was a really good sport...
She put on her costume and an old, ratty, dead pair of pointe shoes and she tried to ignore me as she did some stretches...

And she even posed for me.


Isn't she absolutely lovely?

P.S. Here is the information on the performance, if any of you who are local are interested in seeing it...

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