Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break, so far

It's spring break for the kids (and hence, for me too!) and we have been sleeping late every morning and relaxing and enjoying ourselves. We've got hair appointments and dentist appointments scheduled and the kids both had homework over the break which they have been diligently working on. Okay, maybe not so much with that last one...but I have been diligently reminding them to do it!

Over the weekend, The Boy rescued a young seagull with what appeared to be an injured wing...

The Boy named him Jonathon. 

Jonathon L. Seagull.

He wanted to keep him here and try to rehabilitate him. He had a corner of the pool enclosure all set up and was feeding Jonathon tuna fish. I tried to gently explain that we weren't really qualified to take care of him properly. The Boy had an argument for every excuse I came up with - he'd google what to do and just look at the nifty little area he had all set up for the little gull and so forth and so on. Finally, I had to put on my Mommie Dearest hat and say no, nope, not happening, no way.

Instead we drove out to Big Talbot Island (and hour and twenty minutes away, thank you very much) and left him in the capable hands of a wonderful bird rescue organization.

It was a lovely drive and a gorgeous day...

My sweet boy was sad to leave Jonathon but we know it's the best place for him. And The Boy perked up when he saw some peacocks wandering around...

I took a few photos and then we headed for home (another hour and twenty minute drive...*sigh*)

At least it was scenic!

This morning, The Princess got some driving practice in and we picked up her BFF "The Court-i-nator" and then we made the trek to Costco and stocked up for a week with teenagers and teenager friends at the house.

I went all out and bought the girls a Costco special for lunch.

Once we got home and put the copious amounts of food and snack items away, the girls hit the pool...

Lucy was thrilled!

That dog loves to chase balls and loves to swim. And when those two activities are combined? Well, she's just a really, really, really happy pooch.

Then we went for a little jaunt around the lake...

We ordered pizza and had a salad. The kids ate ice cream for dessert and watched a movie. It was a perfect ending for a perfect day!

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