Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All right....I know....I have been VERY bad about blogging lately. In my defense, I don't really have anything to say (I feel like I repeat the same stuff over and over....yadda, yadda, yadda!!!) and honestly, hmm....not really sure if anyone is even reading this anymore!! Give me some feedback, people! (Please?)

But, anyway......I think I mentioned we were making some changes....First, we are definitely NOT doing the long drive downtown 4 days per week for Paige's ballet anymore. Once we made that decision, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders! Paige has tried a couple of classes at a studio ONLY 5 MINUTES FROM OUR HOUSE!! What a concept! I think that is where she will go - we're just figuring out the schedule, etc. right now. I know that the ballet training will not be as good as what she has been getting - but the trade off is having dinners together as a family, and less stress...and of course, with the kids both starting new schools next year, and Clay starting high school - it will be good for me to be around more. Tim and I voted for that....and since we are the taxi drivers, and the $$$ providers - our vote is the only one that counts! :-)

We have also made a final decision about schools, which is another huge relief - and now are just dealing with all of the red tape and bureaucracy involved in transferring the kids from a private school to a public school and trying to get them in the right classes. The Clay County school district is not making this easy on us - but we will persevere! Tim and I have a conference with a couple of Clay's teachers on Thursday to discuss his options. After that, we will be running the placement form to all the different schools to try to get the approval for him to attend another school than the one he is zoned for. Wish us luck!

Basically, that is what has been going on the past week or so....making decisions about schools, ballet, etc.....and the usual - cleaning the house, making dinners, walking the dog, cleaning the litterbox, yard work - woo hooo! Exciting stuff!
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