Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I truly do not know why we are being over run with fiddler crabs - Clay says that it is because their homes were flooded last week when the tides were so high and the creek overflowed....but we have had high tides before and this has never happened! Anyway, we have only found one more inside the house - but the outside of the house is, literally, CRAWLING with fiddler crabs!! Clay has been picking them off (when he can reach them!) and putting them back by the creek. He also found Mr. Toad on our front porch this morning.

Yesterday was a beautiful day - nice and sunny (VERY humid though)...Paige had a friend spend the night and the girls were in the pool all day. We did have a thunderstorm last night, but I think this is a more typical weather pattern for us - afternoon/evening thunderstorms. It was delightful to have a sunny day again! Clay tried to mow part of the yard (I am hoping to encourage all these little critters to move AWAY from my house!!!) and studied for....ta da!....the FINAL final exam today - Math.
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