Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tim arrived home Thursday night with a big ol' hunk of yummy gouda cheese and a bottle of balsamic vinegar. Why is European food so much tastier than what we can get here in the U.S.?

Clay had a 7th/8th grade dance at the school last night. It was a luau theme, and he said he had a lot of fun. When I asked him if he danced at all, he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "uh, NO!!" OK, call me crazy, but I just thought since it was a "dance"......!!!! Whatever! Tim, Paige and I stayed home and watched old episodes of Star Trek. I know, I know. Tim was in heaven though. He is such a Star Trek geek. He was driving Paige and I crazy - reciting the lines along with Captain Kirk and Spock. What a nerd! (said with much love and affection!)

Today has been spent running errands (me), doing yard work (Tim), reading and writing a research paper on Roman architecture (Paige), and sleeping late and then writing an essay on whether a holocaust could occur in the U.S. and another on a Science career as well as studying for final exams (Clay) and practice writing his essay for his History final on Tuesday ("how did the cold war impact the U.S.?). We are in the final countdown for the end of school - I can't wait!!

Tomorrow Tim is off for a three day trip again.....
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