Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tim left this morning for a three day trip to Frankfurt....the kids and I made it to church (they were acolyting)....the rest of the day will be spent with me cleaning and nagging Clay to PLEASE, PLEASE finish up his papers. Paige has finished her research paper - she just needs to print it out.

OK, so I basically spent all last week cleaning the house, organizing, etc....and now it is Sunday, and my house is trashed!! Tim and the kids can wreck a nice, clean house in no time. To be fair, it is mostly the kids....although after Tim leaves on a trip I travel through the house picking up reading glasses, newspapers and shoes which seem to be deposited all over the house. With the kids, it is just STUFF everywhere! Books, papers, shoes, hairbands, brushes, food, dog leashes, clothing, etc. etc. I DO NOT understand why they cannot just put things back where they belong. So, anyway, apparently I will spend this next week doing the same thing I did LAST week - cleaning and cooking. Oh joy. How did my life become so exciting? (sarcasm, there)

Other than the cooking and cleaning, my week will be filled with me nagging Clay to study for exams, driving them to and from school - I will be picking Clay up every day around 10:30 when the exams are finished, then going back to the school at 3:00 to drop him off for some tutoring (hoping it will help!!) and picking Paige up...then going BACK to pick him up after tutoring. Then, I will be taking Paige to ballet. Friday, someone is coming out to the house to make a video of the house to put up on youtube.....I also need to get Gracie in to the vet for her final booster shot and hopefully, into the groomers for a haircut. Exciting stuff, huh? Woo hooo. Calgon, take me away!!!
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