Friday, May 22, 2009

Chloe is so cute.
The photo above was taken the day before yesterday.....we have really had some crazy weather here. Yesterday was overcast, and we had some passing showers, but thankfully we didn't have the steady, relentless downpour we have had since Sunday night - so things had a chance to dry out a bit, and the water level in the lake receded a bit. The forecast is for MORE rain through the weekend. Ugh.

There really isn't much news to report - other than the weather! Clay has his final exam in English this morning, and then we have a long weekend. Tuesday morning is his final for math....and then we're done! Keep your fingers crossed that he does well......

Tim goes back to work Sunday, and the kids and I will be going over to my cousin's to have a nice family visit that afternoon. No big plans for Monday - apparently, it will be ANOTHER rainy day - so maybe we'll watch movies!!

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