Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm dreaming of a gray, dismal, drizzly Christmas....

The kids always look forward to their annual visit to Mr. Wonderful's family in Michigan. It is their chance to see snow. It's exciting and different for us Florida crackers.

I mentioned in the last post that there isn't any snow here. There isn't any snow in the forecast either. It is just cold (but not cold enough!) and gray and drizzly and foggy and depressing.

The kids, however, have ben vastly entertained by the enormously fat squirrel which lives in Gramma's yard.

Seriously, this guy is a porker. He waddles when he walks and he jiggles when he tries to climb a tree.

Are all Michigan squirrels this fat or is he an anomaly? All I know is that Florida squirrels don't look like him.

We've had nice visits with Mr. Wonderful's brother and his family and with Gramma. The kids enjoy visiting with their cousin - whom they only get to see when we make the trek up to this barren, snowless cold, depressing state once a year.

And guess who we saw yesterday when we went to Costco?!


He was out of "uniform", but there was no doubting who he was. We spoke to him in the store - he asked us if we knew where he could find brandy. I'm guessing that he likes to stock up for after the big day. He is probably in dire need of a bit of medicinal succor by then.

The Boy checked out the contents of his cart while we were exchanging pleasantries with the jolly old elf. He reported that, in addition to the therapeutic aforementioned brandy, Santa was also stocking up on Raisin Bran, bananas, and coffee. Which all makes perfect sense when you think about it...

It may not be a white Christmas, but we've had two Santa sightings - which is pretty exciting!

Happy day before the day before Christmas, everyone!

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