Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Smoke gets in my eyes...

There are a bunch of wildfires burning in our area. And it is crazy, awful smoky around here. Everything is closed up in the house and the air conditioning is on and I can still smell the smoke inside the house. 

The traffic has been terrible since visibility is so bad. Yesterday morning a student, a senior, at The Boy's high school was struck by a car while riding his bike to school. He was in ICU with brain injuries, the last I heard.

There have been air quality advisories the past few days warning people to stay inside.

And yesterday The Princess texted me from school to tell me, in pure, outraged, teenaged-girl-dramatic fashion, that her PE teacher had made them all go outside to run and play soccer.

The Princess said that most everyone had dressed out and gone outside but that most of the kids refused to run. The teacher told them to stop "being so melodramatic." The Princess huffily told the teacher that she wasn't risking her health and then told the teacher that she could pay for her chemotherapy when she ended up with lung cancer. 

So, yeah, maybe the teacher wasn't that far off track with the melodramatic comment. Teenaged girls...what can I say?

But truthfully, I was proud of The Princess for standing up for herself...although I admit that perhaps she could have toned down the drama just a wee bit.

I was appalled that this teacher sent them outside.

In fact, I was so appalled at this extreme lack of common sense that I called the school and complained. And then I sent an email to this teacher and sent a copy of the email to the Dean. I attached links to the health and air quality advisories.

As of this morning, I haven't heard back from the school. I figure that it's either (a) they were so inundated by calls from outraged parents that they haven't had a chance to return my call yet, or (b) they're so sick of hearing from me (i.e. the crazy teacher, the rats, the irresponsible PE teacher) that the next contact I have from the school will be to tell me that The Princess needs to find another school.  Wait! I just realized that I never told you about the rats! Alright, y'all need to remind me to tell that story.

The Princess is worried that she will be given a "0" for participation for this class. (Just as a side note, The Boy would have been all, "Meh. Whatever." The Boy and The Princess are SO different!) I told her that I didn't think there would be a problem.

Because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And this particular squeaky mama wheel has been sqeaking a lot lately and is about to get a lot squeakier. Hmph!

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