Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Update: Rainbows, dinner and the vexations of parenting teens

After waking up at a ridiculously early hour Friday morning, The Princess and I were feeling decidedly lazy this weekend. Luckily, other than a rehearsal for Giselle Saturday afternoon, we didn't have anything to do. Also luckily, it rained all day Saturday.

It was a perfect day for sleeping late, reading books and being lazy!

The Boy had a...friend over Saturday afternoon. He asked me if his...friend could stay for dinner and I said, "of course", which led to me having to actually think about making dinner instead of being lazy and telling the kids to eat cereal for dinner, which is what I had been planning. 

*sigh* The things I do for these kids!

Just kidding. Mostly.

Anyway, I made the family favorite, Rigatoni with Steak.

It stopped raining late in the afternoon and after dinner we saw a rainbow...

And since I already had my camera out, I snapped a couple of pictures of The Boy and his...friend.

And then Mr. Wonderful and I went back to our books and The Princess worked on homework and The Boy and his...friend watched a movie.

After The Boy's...friend left, I asked him if they were dating now. He replied (in that exasperated way only teenagers can), "No, Mom. We're just friends!" 

I said, "Really? Because...."

"Really, Mom! *big dramatic sigh* Jeesh!"

The Princess and I exchanged glances and smirked. We had already predicted that The Boy and his...friend would be FBO within 24 hours. (For those who do not have teenagers, FBO means "facebook official.")

Later that evening, I received this notification from Facebook...

Now I ask you, Doesn't it seem that the kind and considerate thing for The Boy to have done would have been to give his poor, old mother a head's up rather than having her get a notification of his changed relationship status via Facebook? Especially after I stood in the kitchen cooking dinner when I really wanted to remain in my lazy, self-indulgent state of indolent bliss and just let the kids eat cereal? 

Teenagers. They're just so selfish these days!

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