Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten Totally Random Things On Tuesday: What's New

1. I can't believe this school year is almost over. This year has really flown by! 

2. There are only 12 school days left for The Boy and then he will be a senior. (Yikes!!) The Princess has 13 school days left. I am definitely ready for summer vacation!

3. The Boy spent the weekend working on a group project for one of his AP classes with a couple of friends...

4. And my BFF (as opposed to The Boy's BFF or The Princess's BFF - both of whom happen to be MY BFF's children) came hobbling in with what she thought was a broken foot. It was all swollen and icky looking and she could barely walk. She dropped her laptop onto her foot...and, because she needed a little TLC, she came over to our house...

5. That's a joke, y'all. Because...I'm not really very nurturing and caring like that. Let's just say that a nursing career was never really an option for me. I was constantly snapping at the BFF (who is, frankly, as poor of a patient as I am as a nurse) and telling her to "Sit down! Stop walking on your foot!" And then, in exasperation, "Put the ice bag back on it!!"

6. It turns out that she DID break something...but don't worry, the laptop is OK. (That's what everyone keeps asking her. It makes me giggle.)

7. The Princess was also busy working on projects and writing papers. She had either a project or a paper assigned for every single class. 

8. While the kids were working on their projects and after the BFF got tired of me bossing her around, ("Put the ice bag back on!! Stop walking on it!!" I started going through the photos on my cell phone and clearing things out. I found some weird stuff on there...

9. Clearly, I was a bit bored while waiting on the kids for afternoon carpool...

That's the only explanation I have for these pictures - I really have no idea why I took them!

10. I also edited a lot of text messages, but I saved them to share with you first. I thought they were sort of funny and since the texting will, hopefully, taper off with summer vacation - when I hope my children will actually talk to me, I thought I'd share them as well. Plus, I really didn't have ten things to say and this helps me to stretch things out a bit.

The Boy's texts are usually very...you know, concise. Succinct. 

And really, really short.

And then there are the ones where I amuse myself.

And where The Princess proves that she is the antithesis of her brother...

But my absolute favorite texts are the ones I knew nothing about and which I discovered accidentally.


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