Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekend Update: The Miscellaneous, Bad Attitude, No Privacy, Tattooed, Tropical Storm Edition

The Boy has had a bit of an attitude the past several days. Just typical teenager stuff - you know, the condescending tone of voice dripping with scorn as he replies to the ridiculous questions his lame parents ask him...such as, "Do you have homework?" Jeesh. The nerve of us. How dare we, right? 

I've been scolding him every time he uses that tone of voice to me, "Don't you DARE speak to me in that tone of voice!" and telling him that he'd better work on his attitude or he's going to have a lousy summer.

Then, the other evening, he texted me to tell me that he had been pulled over while picking his sister up from dance. I, naturally, freaked out. And then he told me...well, here - you can see the texts for yourself:

I bleeped the cursing out. Because Mommie Dearest was NOT amused and Mommie Dearest was ready to rip his stinking head off. I'm sure you can imagine the welcome he received from me when he arrived home. 

Let's just say that I think he now knows that his little "gotcha" was decidedly unfunny and that I do not believe he will ever joke about something like that again.

I had thought that now that the kids are older I might finally be able to have a bit of privacy in the bathroom. But I was wrong.

Jack does this every. single. time.

And he stares at me. It's a bit unnerving.

The Princess and her BFF, The Court-i-nator, have been busy making "tattoos" again...

And then they went "night swimming" to wash the tattoos off.


Mr. Wonderful travels a lot with his job. The kids have discovered this fun feature on their phones and have been having a lot of fun stalking him...

They are constantly texting him and letting him know that they know where he is....he's not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing!

And finally, we've been scurrying around readying our hurricane supplies - filling the cars with gas, the propane tanks with propane,  and stocking up on batteries and water. Because even though it is only May and still not officially hurricane season for several more days, we have a named storm off our coast which is heading our way sometime today.

Luckily, Beryl is only a subtropical system and so not expected to much damage but still - it's awfully early in the season!

It looks like our Memorial Day is going to be a wet and windy one!


Update 3:00 PM: It's starting to get quite windy and cloudy.

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