Friday, May 4, 2012

Flashback Friday: The more things change, the more they stay the same

The Princess has a BFF. You've seen her appear on this blog before - I call her "The Court-i-nator." 

What you may not know about The Princess and The Court-i-nator is that they have been best friends for a long, long time. Since they were three years old. From the moment they met in pre-school, they've been pretty much inseparable. 

The girls practically grew up at each other's houses. They know every thing about each other...from their mutual admiration of The Little Mermaid to Barney and Humpty Dumpty and Harry Potter. They've giggled and argued and cried. They've watched so many movies so many times that they recite movie lines to each other. All the time.

The photos I posted above are a bit misleading though.

While they might look sweet and innocent and angelic in the photos I posted...

The reality was a bit more like this photo. 

Silly and mischievous.

The Court-i-nator's mother (who, coincidentally, is my BFF) and I used to laugh about how we'd really start to worry when they girls got quiet - because we knew we'd discover that they had gotten into mischief. Like the time The Court-i-nator spent the night and it got really quiet and I started hearing whispering coming from the bathroom. I called to them and asked what they were doing. "Nothing" was the reply those two naughty little 4 year olds gave. I was suspicious though, and went to check on them.

What I discovered was that the two little cherubs had decided to wash all of the Princess's Barbie dolls' hair. In the sink. With an entire bottle of shampoo. It created quite a sudsy mess, which the little darlings attempted to clean up with what appeared to be an entire roll of toilet paper. Which was all over the bathroom. In wet, sodden, sudsy clumps. Everywhere. There were clumps on the wall. There were clumps all over the ceiling. There were even sodden lumps of toilet paper on the ceiling - I've never quite figured out how THAT happened. And there were lots and lots of lumps of wet toilet paper clogging the the water continued to run and create more shampoo suds...which overflowed from the sink...

Oh, cleaning that mess up was a lot of fun.

They were both artistic and loved to draw. Everywhere. Walls, rugs, themselves - it didn't really matter. They were notorious for getting out every single toy in the house and creating a disaster zone in mere minutes.

I thought the girls had outgrown this. I didn't think I needed to become concerned when they got quiet - since they are now both 15 and quite grown up. 

I was wrong.

Last weekend I discovered that the girls were bored and so decided to give themselves "tattoos."

Then the next morning while I was sipping my coffee, I heard lots of giggling and thumping noises coming from the hallway where I discovered this...

I apologize for the blurriness and poor quality of the photo. 
Apparently, I was giggling too hard to get a good photo.

It seems that The Court-i-nator had wrapped The Princess up in her comforter and stuck an apple in her mouth. She was an inchworm, you see. 

The Princess was laughing too hard to keep the apple in her mouth but was making a valiant effort to "inch" down the hallway.

Do you know what the really sad/funny thing is?

I find it oddly reassuring.

I'm quite confident that no matter how old these two girls get, they'll always be able to giggle together and create a bit of mischief. 

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