Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thnkfl Thrsdy: Txtng w/ Teens

I have mixed emotions about the month of May. I love the weather - nice and warm, but not hurricane season. I'm excited about the kids getting out of school and about summer vacation.


Every year I dread May because of the end of the year craziness which I know will shortly overwhelm me. Final exams, SAT/ACT exams, auditions for summer ballet intensives, recitals, AP exams, and so on and so forth. At least my days of being "room mom" and organizing end of the year class parties and teacher gifts are behind me!

Anyway, that's what has been going on around here. Prepping for SAT/ACT exams next month. The Boy has been studying for AP exams this week and next. The Princess has been stressing about some auditions and her End of Course Exams for Geometry and Biology. There have been colds and allergies and PMS and teenage attitudes. And to top it all off the pets, in spite of being on flea prevention medication, have fleas. Our inside pets. Lucy goes outside to do her business and Jack has never been outside in his life. And they've been scratching like crazy. Which makes me start to get twitchy and feel itchy and annoyed. Welcome to Florida, y'all. I think every few years the fleas start to build up an immunity to the flea medication. So, I suppose I need to schedule a visit to the veterinarian and find out if there are any new miracle meds available for those darned things.

In the midst of all the hustling and bustling around, there is one thing which always brings a smile to my face almost every day...

The silly little texts I get from the kids.

I should point out that neither of the kid's schools allows cell phones or texting during school hours. I should probably be a bit more concerned about them blatantly breaking these rules, right? But...well...honestly, I just don't care. I love hearing from them. I enjoy The Princess telling me how irritated she is with Romeo and Juliet...

And I love The Boy trying to out-joke me (impossible!)

I love the verbose messages from The Boy letting me know he has arrived safely at school (and I love how good he is about letting me where he is - having a teenaged driver is scary!)

And the random "I'm bored" messages he sends throughout the day.

And I love the Princess's random texts letting me know she loves me and is thinking about me...

I used to be afraid of allowing the kids to have cell phones. I hated seeing (OK, truthfully, I still do) kids staring at cell phones with their thumbs furiously attacking the keyboard as they sent their enormously important texts.

But...I'm beginning to have a slightly different outlook!!

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