Friday, May 18, 2012

We are not "normal!"

Mr. Wonderful and I have been trying to convince The Princess to change schools. She attends a performing arts high school in another county. This school is 45 minutes away in good traffic. If the traffic is bad, it can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to drive to or from the school...and that is not including the many times she has to stay late to make up a dance class or attend rehearsals. The Princess leaves our house at 6:45 every morning and doesn't get home until 4:30. On days when she has dance classes, she doesn't get home until around 8:30 or 9:00. 

It's a lot. We see her becoming grumpy and irritable. Heck, we see ourselves becoming grumpy and irritable! 

So we've been trying to convince her that her life (and ours, ahem!) would be so much easier if she switched to a local school. We enlisted The Boy's help in singing the praises of the local school, which he attends.

Unfortunately, our little endeavor at persuasion didn't work so well. The Princess loves her school. It is filled with artistic, sightly quirky kids. She loves the fact that she can arrive at school and find a string quarter playing in the courtyard. She loves the random pieces of art scattered around the school. And most of all, she loves being able to dance during the school day. Our sweet little Princess turned into an angry porcupine when we tried to convince her that her life would be better and easier if she changed schools.

The Princess sobbed. She glowered and stuck her lower lip out like a silly monkey.

The Boy tried to tell her the good things about his school - football games, pep rallies, and so on.

The Princess wasn't impressed.

He told her that she could be on the dance team.

Hmmph! She snorted derisively. "That's not REAL dancing!"
(It's not classical ballet.)

We asked her what she had against The Boy's school. She curled her lip scornfully and explained, "It's just so...normal." Her face was filled with disgust at the horrible thought of a school filled with normal kids.

She likes the fact that some of her best friends are gay. She likes the fact that everyone is different and that different is normal.

She is appalled at the concept of attending school with "plastic, superficial people who are focused on makeup, clothes and tanning. Ugh!"

Sadly, The Boy and Mr. Wonderful (and maybe me too, just a teeny tiny bit) began to tease The Princess. The conversation became more and more outlandish. The Princess was still an angry little porcupine and was NOT amused by the quips and one-liners.

I'll leave you with a little example of how the dinner conversation and attempts at persuasion went. Please, please, please - do not be offended by what is said. You have to understand that my family is...well, sort of odd and quirky. Which kind of explains why The Princess feels so comfortable at her odd and quirky school. 

In the video, The Boy is comparing the students at The Princess's school to penguins. Mr. Wonderful, as usual, takes the conversation in a complete other direction...

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