Thursday, September 8, 2011


This afternoon, as I was pulling the car out of the 
garage on my way to pick up the kids from school, 
I saw something clinging desperately to the side of 
our house.

I got out of the car to investigate and found our old 
kitty, Roxy, lying in wait beneath an obviously 
terrified baby squirrel.

While trying to shoo Roxy away, which was NOT 
easy, the baby squirrel scurried 
over to a windowsill. He was shaking and crying in fear.

The little guy was tiny, about the size of a 
hamster, and Roxy was still relentlessly trying 
to get to him. By this time I was running late, 
so I locked Roxy in the garage. I took an 
old towel, thinking that I could possibly try 
to capture the little guy and take him over to 
a tree. But the poor little thing was terrified 
and cried out in fear each time I tried to 
get near him. It broke my heart because I 
knew he was crying for his mother.

I left the towel on the windowsill because I 
thought it might offer him a place to hide. 
I hoped that his mother would hear him crying 
and come to retrieve him...

When I returned to the house with the kids 
two hours later, the baby squirrel was still 
hiding in the towel on the windowsill.

Luckily, I had the animal whisperer with me. 
The Boy...well, he has a way with animals. 
Remind me to tell you some 
stories about him and animals sometime. 
Anyway, as I was saying, 
The Boy was here. He walked up to that tiny 
little terrified squirrel and he talked softly 
to him. He gently picked him up and carried 
him inside, intending to put him in the 
empty aquarium until we could figure out 
what to do with him.

That tiny little squirrel obviously sensed a 
kind spirit in my boy and felt safe. He scampered 
up The Boy's arm...

and he perched on his shoulder. He clearly 
felt quite comfortable with The Boy....

Then The Boy settled down with the little fellow 
and patently coaxed him to eat a little bit of 
watered down formula...

The Boy has settled the sleepy baby squirrel, 
now named Mac, into his new, temporary home 
in the old aquarium. We hope to be able to 
keep him alive until this weekend, 
when we will try to get him 
to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

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