Monday, June 20, 2011

First Love(s)

I was very young when I had my first crush - I was probably about 4 years old. I know I am dating myself here but this show was on in the late 1960's...

And I had a huge crush on Davy Jones.

Alas, I was a fickle young thing. It wasn't long before The Partridge Family came along...

I was smitten...with Keith Partridge.



I loved Keith Partridge. David Cassidy...not so much. Especially when I found out when I was in 2nd grade that he had posed (gasp!) NAKED for Playgirl magazine! I thought that was disgusting. Keith would never have done anything like that!

My love for Keith Partridge lasted until this show came on in the mid 1970's...

The Hardy Boys! I loved that show. Parker Stevenson was cute...but he was kind of old.

Shaun Cassidy, however, was perfect.


Just perfect.

And thus, I jilted Keith Partridge for his brother, Joe Hardy.

I had the albums and posters on my wall.

But eventually, The Hardy Boys television show was cancelled and it was time for me to move on.

I had mini-crushes after that...but no one took the place of Keith Partridge or Joe Hardy in my heart...

Well, until General Hospital, that is...

I watched General Hospital for many years before the Luke and Laura madness struck the nation. It came on when I got home from school and so I watched it way back when Laura was dating Scotty and she killed that guy (David?) and was on trial for murder and Scotty stood by her side and then married her. This was all years before that little trollop was "raped" in the disco by that permed freak, Luke and then ran away with him and married him!

Not that I got carried away with watching the show or anything. But I the early 1980's GH introduced the character of Blackie Parrish...

played by John Stamos...


Then John Stamos left the show to do Full House and I was bereft. Uncle Jesse just wasn't as cool as Blackie Parrish.

I moved on. Eventually, I met Mr. Wonderful.
We fell in love and got married.

I am happy and content. 

I am completely over my little celebrity crushes which have obsessed me in the past. That is over and done with.

Except for Johnny Depp.

He doesn't count.

Legolas doesn't count either.

And neither does Jon Bon Jovi. 

Other than them....yeah....

Keith Partridge


 Joe Hardy!

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