Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten things on a Tuesday: Reasons why there should be a camp for moms

1. I haven't been around because I've been sick. Blech.

2. I also haven't been around because in between being sick, we've been dealing with house stuff. For example, we took our house off the market and within hours were being bombarded by phone calls from other realtors. We met with one and she really impressed us with her marketing plan and her enthusiasm and ideas. We decided to try again.

3. *sigh*

4. Because we haven't had any showings in almost a month (hence our decision to take it off the market), the house is a mess. I've been trying to re-organize my pantry and cabinets and drawers which my teenagers have managed to wreak havoc in. Plus, even though I just did a major purging and de-cluttering of our house, we have somehow managed to accumulate more...unnecessary stuff...which means that I need to purge and de-clutter all over again.

5. We are also having company this weekend, so I also have to clean the guest cottage.

6. Plus The Boy is leaving for camp on Sunday, so I need to get bug repellant and sunscreen and label all his clothes and get him packed.

7. Plus, we are hosting an exchange student from Spain for two weeks at the end of July.

8. Plus, I still must continuously nag my children about working on virtual school (The Boy) and Algebra (The Princess) and about wearing their retainers (both of them) and about cleaning their rooms/closets (both of them) and giving the dog a bath and so forth and so on. Blah Blah Blah.

9. Plus, all of a sudden I have 873,078, 932 things to do. And I am feeling overwhelmed. And stressed. And flustered.

10. Plus, it is HOT and HUMID here. Really, really, really hot and humid. You walk outside and just melt. Thank goodness for air conditioning, is all I have to say about that!

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