Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcome to my world

Yesterday afternoon I heard The Boy and The Princess calling me to bring my camera and take a picture of Steve.


I was a bit apprehensive because my kids have a habit of naming the visiting wildlife. I grabbed my camera and walked outside and I saw this...

The Boy had caught a teeny tiny little baby lizard and named it Steve. Then he took it with him in the pool. Steve kept jumping off his hand into the water and The Boy would have to rescue him.

I have no idea why he took him in the pool with him.

I agree that it doesn't make any sense. Welcome to my world.

Then The Boy asked me if he could use the aquarium to create a home for a bunch of baby lizards. In my home.

The answer was no. Even though Steve was kind of cute. Still no.
A couple of months ago, Newsweek declared that Grand Rapids, Michigan was a dying city. Grand Rapids is Mr. Wonderful's hometown. Apparently, there has been quite an uproar up there about how it is NOT a dying city. Have you seen this video?
This morning, while I was trying to read the paper and drink my coffee, I heard a scraping sound accompanied by earsplitting howls, mews and yowling. I looked up to see an upside down laundry basket with an extremely unhappy Gus in it moving across the floor...

After wiping away the tears of mirth, I bellowed for The Boy. Despite his repeated protestations of innocence, I was well aware of who the culprit was...

Gus then proceeded to show his appreciation for my intervention in his captivity by barfing up a hairball on my floor.


By the way, would anyone like to adopt a very pretty and utterly worthless feline?

I didn't think so.

In other random, assorted, and completely boring news...

*The Princess is having a couple of friends from ballet over this afternoon to swim and go tubing.

*The Boy's girlfriend is also coming over to swim and go tubing.

*I am making a pitcher of sangria for me and the moms to enjoy whilst the various and sundry teenagers swim and go tubing.

*The Boy is taking the ACT exam in the morning. 

* We took our house off the market.

* Another realtor called as soon as it went off MLS and convinced us to let her do a spiel about why she thinks she will do a better job of selling it.

* I do not have high hopes for her chances of convincing us. We are feeling rather pessimistic about ever selling the house.

* Having company over today and a realtor visiting tomorrow means that I really should get off of the computer and clean my house. Plus I need to go to the grocery store. Yet, I am still procrastinating...

*I'm going now. Really....

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