Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weird is the new normal, right?

This morning we woke up rather early for a Saturday morning and did a quick clean of the house. The (new) realtor came and took pictures. Then we went to Target to buy sunscreen and bug repellant and other camp type stuff for The Boy, who leaves for camp tomorrow.

And then...we came home and we chilled by the pool.

This was my view:

I saw a lot of this...

and this...

I heard a lot of this...

"Mom, watch this!"


"Mommy, make him stop!"


"Mom! Look! Mom!"
(Parents of pre-schoolers, I'm sorry to tell you that they don't outgrow the "Look Mommy" stage. Apparently, ever.)

The Princess is quite ticklish. The Boy decided to swim underwater and tickle her feet.

The Princess did NOT like this game.

I told The Boy to stop tickling his sister.

He stopped.

The Princess pouted anyway.

A few days ago, The Princess informed us that she begins each day with 100% happiness but that throughout the day things drain her happiness quotient away. When asked if she still has 100% happiness on the mornings when, umm...she might perhaps be just a tiny little bit hormonal, which might, possibly, happen once a month or so, she responded, "Of course. It just drains away faster."

Since then, she has been informing us throughout the day when her happiness is draining away.

The Boy's tickling game? That drained 10% of her happiness.

After that, The Boy decided to be an alligator and attack The Princess's float.

The Princess was not amused by the pesky alligator. 

As the annoying gator drifted away after wreaking havoc with The Princess's float, she announced, "Hah! That just sucked 20% of my happiness away!"

The gator was unimpressed.

The Princess was annoyed that the gator broke her floating chair, but then she realized that...

"Look! Now it's a rainbow!"

(I think that was a happiness credit of 5%)

The Princess wanted to race, but The Boy/Gator was still resting. 

She decided to "race" herself.

"Hey, can tell me who wins, OK? HAHAHAHA!"

After my "relaxing" afternoon by the pool, I walked inside my previously clean house.

I needed to check The Boy's bag to make sure he had packed everything that was on the camp list. 

I walked inside and realized that The Boy had brought his duffle bag and his piles of clothes to the living room...

My nice, clean house...

was a disaster. Again.

Sometimes I wonder if my family is normal.

And, just in case you were wondering? I'm still at about 98% happiness for the day. In spite of the pouting and bickering and the dramatic draining of The Princess's happiness quotient and the war zone in my living room, I'm happy. It was a good day. My family may be a bit strange, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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