Monday, June 27, 2011

It's just another Manic Monday...

This weekend flew by. I spent the majority of it doing laundry because The Boy was home from camp for a few hours. He got home Saturday afternoon, toting a rather large and odiferous duffle bag full of dirty clothes. He left for camp again this morning, this time to work as a "leader-in-training", toting a duffle bag full of freshly washed and folded clothes.

Guess what I did all day yesterday?

In between being at the washer and dryer's beck and call, I snapped a few photos this weekend...

I woke up early on Sunday and tiptoed outside in hopes of seeing the otters. I am determined to see those stinking critters so I can try to get some photos of them but they are playing hard to get.

I saw herons, egrets, turtles and about 4,390 mullet jumping and flopping around...but no otters.

The weather people had been saying it would rain all day. It was overcast and we were all looking forward to a nice, stormy day to lay around and be lazy.

We heard thunder booming all afternoon and saw storms all around us....

But we didn't get a single drop of rain here. Not one.

The kids, as always, were thrilled to pose for their long suffering, patient, loving mother...

Last night our security system decided to go crazy and began beeping every couple of hours. I kept getting up and re-setting it but as soon a I would fall asleep, it would begin beeping again. I finally gave up at 4:30 am and got up and made some coffee which Jack The Hindenburg thought was his cue to begin his pathetic (and extremely annoying) high pitched, wimpy meowing to be fed. I snarled at him in my sleep deprived, irritated orneriness and he scurried away and hid from the scary human. Smart cat.

Then I went outside again in a vain search for those #*&# otters. 

The stupid otters still weren't there so I snapped a picture of the stupid sunrise and the stupid moon and then went to find more freaking coffee.

The Boy left again for camp and the ridiculous security system started beeping again and the coffee maker just was NOT pouring the coffee out fast enough...I fed the stupid cat while I snarled at him to SHUT UP and rubbed my bleary eyes and wondered where in the world I left my coffee cup...

The Princess then shuffled out of her bedroom with a frown on her face and informed me that she was not in a good mood because the security system had been beeping all night long.

I glared at her and went back to bed.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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