Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gonna soak up the sun...

We decided to enjoy a few days of sun and fun en famille before we start back with schedules and homework and school in a couple of weeks. Mr. Wonderful and I bargained with the kids - they have to do at least a couple of hours of summer reading and writing each day. They were happy to comply with our request!

The first day of our mini vacation, The Boy was tagged by a stingray. His poor heel was bleeding and all swollen and red and he was in a lot of pain. We soaked his foot in really, really, really hot water and he felt much better...but we decided we'd better take him to be seen by a doctor, just in case.

Waiting at the urgent care place, I noticed that my son is getting tall and gangly. He looks like Ichabod Crane here, no?

The stingray apparently tagged him three times, but luckily they were just scrapes. He feels fine now and just has to take antibiotics for a few days. This photo was taken after the swelling had gone down and the blood was washed away so it's not very impressive looking. You'll have to trust me - it was gross looking and the kid was in a lot of pain!

The Princess has fallen in love with the ducks that reside in the little pond behind the condo. She sits out there talking to the ducks and naming them.

Since she has also been tossing them pieces of bread, they are quite fond of her as well!

After bonding with the ducks, she comes inside and begs Mr. Wonderful and I to let her have a pet duck.

"PLEASE! Mommy, Daddy, PLEASE! I want a duck more than anything in the world! If you let me have a duck, I'll give it baths and comb it's feathers every night. I love ducks! PLEASE!!!??!!"

We tell her no, and she pouts and flounces outside to mope with her little friends. A few minutes later, she'll come back inside to tell us that her favorite one is the little one and she has named it Parker.

"Isn't Parker the best name for a duck?"

"PLEASE can I have a duck??!!"

Frankly, Mr. Wonderful and I are OVER the flipping ducks.

The Princess has been slogging through The Odyssey. She seems to be having a difficult time focusing on Odysseus and his journey home from the Trojan War.

I can't imagine why.

The Boy was a bit hesitant about going back into the water. He wears shoes in now, and has been tossing his castnet everywhere trying to scare the stingrays away.

The seagulls love him.

The Princess has been wearing a mask and keeping a lookout for stingrays too. 

The Boy has been doing a lot of fishing.

He even caught a baby shark. 

He let the little guy go.

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