Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just checking in...

I've been going full steam this appointments, back to school supplies, making hair appointments, working on carpools, orientation for The Boy, scheduling a meeting with The Boy's guidance counselor to fix his schedule, a carpool parent/child get together, grocery shopping, cleaning and nagging The Boy to finish his freaking summer reading/writing assignment!

In between all this frantic scurrying to get everything done before Tuesday (D-Day for The Boy), I also had a migraine. Which cost me several precious hours. Ugh.

I'm making progress though. I think I have the carpool situation all set for The Princess's school next year. The parents and kids all met here last night to get to know each other and work out a schedule. The only ones we already knew were one family from The Princess's old school. The girl, O, is a singer and is in the vocal program. The other kids are boys - another singer, C, who is very talented and Y, who will be studying classical guitar. Y is very good - and only started playing guitar a couple of years ago. He taught himself how to play by watching youtube videos! Once he found out he was accepted to the performing arts school, he began taking lessons. 

I told The Princess that the only way she could continue at her ballet studio was if we could find someone to give her a ride from school to the studio in the afternoons. Luckily, one very kind and generous parent has volunteered to take her for me. Everything seems to be falling into place...

All this scurrying around and worrying and organizing and scheduling has left me exhausted though. I am declaring today a mental health day and taking the day off!
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