Monday, August 22, 2011

Lucy Dearest (and other stuff)

This weekend The Boy took the boat out with a friend. By himself. 

He and a friend went fishing.

Did I mention he took it out by himself? All alone. No adults. 

Oh, and by the way? I'm totally fine with this whole "letting go" thing. Totally. I 'm fine with it. Really.

No, really, I am.


He called me on his cell phone when they were coming in to let me know there was a big alligator by our dock.

To put it all in perspective, look at this picture below....

Yeah, I'm not so OK with him hanging out that close to our dock. The good news is that he DID submerge as soon as he heard our footsteps on the dock. The bad news is that a few minutes later he appeared again in the same spot and he didn't seem inclined to leave. I think we may need to see what we can do to encourage him to mosey on down the lake to another spot. 

Today was The Princess's first day of high school. I did try to get the first day of school photo, but The Princess was feeling a bit nervous and so she wasn't very cooperative.

In case you were wondering, last night was fun. Take one nervous, slightly hormonal and overly dramatic teenager who doesn't know what to wear the first day of school and mix it with one slightly overwrought, slightly hormonal-and-completely-over-the-freaking-dramatics-mother and you get...more drama. Like I said, it was fun.

So now both kids are in school. The house is quiet and peaceful. It feels really strange.

Jack has decided that the lack of kids means more attention for him.
He completely invaded my space this morning when I was busy checking email and facebook.

He rolled around and lay on his back and purred loudly while mrrrring and mewing and trying to talk to me.

I tried to ignore him. 

He didn't like that. 

Lucy, on the other hand, moped by the front door for a while and then went through the house gathering her balls and toys.
She laid all her toys in a pile and settled down to wait patiently for "her" kids to get home.

I'm killing time on the computer, sipping coffee, waiting patiently for MY kids to get home.

Lucy and I are really a lot alike. Except I think (I hope) my breath smells better. 

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