Tuesday, September 23, 2008


All right, So I had my nice cup of coffee, watched a little CNN, was feeling relaxed and ready to start my day. I decide to head back to the kid's rooms to make sure their beds are made, etc. and get a start on packing for Paige. Clay had a bunch of books stacked (I thought) in the middle of his room. I go to move the books and put them away and I find that they are stacked on top of one of my nice tupperware containers which is full of about 6 frogs. The books were to keep the frogs in. ICK!! It was probably funny...I shrieked for Tim (thank goodness he was still home) and throw the books back on top of the container (which has now been thrown away)...Tim comes and rescues me from the killer frogs and takes them out to the creek....but, I mean, really...WHY were frogs in my son's room? Why?
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