Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paige's Post:

Hi everyone-
Camp Montgomery was really fun! We did underground railroad, which is a game where we go from different stations trying to get to Canada without the bounty hunters seeing us. The bounty hunters were our teachers. We went canoeing, and my team was the only one that didn't flip our canoe over. They made me a cake for my birthday.

On my birthday, I had a surprise party! All my friends jumped out of my closet when I came home. They really scared me. It was really fun, thanks to Mommy! We went swimming and then we had a mudfight, and then we went swimming again. We had hotdogs and chips and punch.

Also last week I found out that my ballet teacher, Mrs. Byrd, wants me to be "young" Snow White in a ballet called Fairest of them All which is in November. So, I will be in Snow White in November, Nutcracker in December, and Grand Prix in January. Wow! For those of you who don't know, Grand Prix is a competition called Youth America Grand Prix and Mrs. Byrd picks certain students to compete every year. I will be doing a variation from Sleeping Beauty and one other probably a modern dance. It is in January in South Carolina.

Ta ta for now!!!
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